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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Participation Culture: What I Learned from Burning Man

Photos: George Wiktor and Burning Man. (c) all rights reserved.
George Wiktor discusses Burning Man in the context of the themed entertainment industry and the evolving Participation Culture:

"Seen first-hand, Burning Man turns out to be a highly structured, well-organized, law abiding, civil society: A society that encourages self expression and self reliance in an incredibly inhospitable physical environment. Commercial activity is prohibited and, refreshingly, there are no corporate sponsors. The place operates on gifting with no expectation of return.

"And most importantly, participation is the key to the success of this event because participation is a form of gifting. Everyone is focused on adding to the success of everyone else’s experience. Whether it be creating an art installation, volunteering in the cafĂ©, building a lounge in your camp, or providing entertainment for everyone, all the participants add to the overall experience.

Photos: George Wiktor and Burning Man. (c) all rights reserved.
"Who knows where the participation will lead?"

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