Call on the GW Group to guide and assist you through the creation of an outstanding, experiential guest experience for your museum, theme park, heritage center, science center, visitor center, themed retail, expo pavilion, FEC, planetarium or other visitor attraction. GW Group is headed by George Wiktor, who has 25 years' experience working with top companies in production and project management, on both the creative and the business side.


GW Group offers leadership and coordination of design development and production for complete experiential attractions or any individual components of an attraction.

We will tap our network of qualified professionals to gather and coordinate a team of designers, artists, technicians and project managers and deliver your world class attraction. 

Producing services include:
  • Creative Development - Program analysis, concept development, feasibility analysis
  • Design Development - Attraction concepts, detail design packages, value engineering
  • Project Management - Budget development and cost control, contract management, staff management, integration of creative and technical disciplines.
  • Show and Media Production