Call on the GW Group to guide and assist you through the creation of an outstanding, experiential guest experience for your museum, theme park, heritage center, science center, visitor center, themed retail, expo pavilion, FEC, planetarium or other visitor attraction. GW Group is headed by George Wiktor, who has 25 years' experience working with top companies in production and project management, on both the creative and the business side.


George Wiktor is a senior executive with over 25 years of experience producing and creative management of theme park attractions, world’s fair pavilions, and cultural and educational complexes.  George has demonstrated major strengths in managing and integrating diverse project teams and completing quality projects on time and on budget; proactive problem solver with the highest degree of honesty, integrity and dependability; have successfully completed projects both in the U.S. and the international marketplace; solid leadership and management skills in the following project phases:

Design Development    Attraction concepts, design detail packages, value analysis, value engineering

Creative Production     Creative leadership and management including: Strategic planning, budget development, vendor contract negotiation and management, scheduling, building and managing creative teams, integration of creative and engineering disciplines

Media Production         Creative leadership and management of media production, post-production and integration phases


2016 – 2017                Show Producer
                                       Universal Studios Japan, Osaka, Japan
                                       Design and Production of the “Despicable Me - Minion Mayhem” ride and
                                       Minion Park land / Opened April 21, 2017

Lead the creative design development and oversight of production, integration and installation of the $100 million Despicable Me ride and Minion Park land in Universal Studios Japan. This included adapting the existing Despicable Me ride film attraction to the existing and refurbished Back to the Future ride and ride building and the development of a brand new Minion themed land. 

2015 - 2016                 Producer
Prana / Rhythm and Hues Studios, Inc
Concept Development / Attraction Schematic Design / Media Production

  • Lead the concept development and production of two, computer generated, Flying Theater films for “FlyVenture” at Lotte Adventure World in Seoul, South Korea and Shenyang, China. Managed the Scenic Schematic Development of the Seoul attraction.

2013 – 2015                Director of Attraction Management
Hero Ventures, LLC, Los Angeles, CA
Owner / Developer of “The Marvel Experience”

  • Participated in concept development of this ground breaking touring attraction. Managed the acquisition of all scenic components and interactive audio/video equipment, including vendor selection and vendor management through fabrication and installation.   

2010 – Present                      Principal
The GW Group, La Cañada, CA

·       The GW Group provides specialized and independent project support for owners, operators, designers and producers in themed entertainment.
·       2013 – Creative Story Development, Gratassland “The Land of the Little Grey Tractor,” a ride in Konge Parken, Algard Norway opened May 2013.  Client – Konge Parken 
·       2012 – Attraction Concept Development, Faith Is!? A commercial immersive attraction based on the Bible for Virtual Artistry intended for multiple international locations developed in conjunction with Vortex Immersion.
·       2012 - Special Effects Producer, Fossen, a new water ride in Konge Parken, Algard Norway opened June 2012.  Client – Konge Parken
·       2011 - Concept Development of Visitor Experience for the Visitor and Heritage Centers at The Presidio in San Francisco. Client - The Presidio Trust, National Park Service, Golden Gate National Park Conservancy.
·       2010 – 2011 Special Effects Producer Barnas Branstasjionin a new immersive attraction at Konge Parken, Algard Norway opened June 2011.  Client – Konge Parken
2004 - 2010                 Senior Producer
The Hettema Group, Pasadena, CA

Visitor attraction design and production company

·      Lead the concept development for several projects including The Russian Jewish Museum in Moscow, Russia and “Beyond all Boundaries” an immersive theatrical presentation of the National WWII Museum in New Orleans, LA.  Participated in the concept development of multiple domestic and international theme park and cultural projects.  Responsibilities included interaction with the clients, project estimating, proposal writing, coordinating with the project consultants and creative staff and producing the final presentation packages.

2004                            Media Producer

ShoConcepts - Creative Services, Los Angeles, CA

Visitor attraction and show production company

·      Produced all media for Paramount Parks’ “Magic of the Movies” stage show installed in all 5 Paramount Parks .

2003                            Producer
Thinkwell Design and Production, Pasadena, CA

Visitor attraction design and production company

·       Served as producer on Concept Development for MasterCard Signature Attractions at Universal Studio’s Theme Parks.

1984 – 2002                Sr. Vice President
BRC Imagination Arts, Burbank, CA

Visitor attraction design and production company

·       Responsible for primary client contact for projects, specifically for international market.
·       Successfully negotiated and managed over $ 65 million in project contracts
·       Managed and coordinated project teams of more than 250, including in-house and contract service force
·       Served as producer/production executive for 10 major international attraction/expo projects.
·      Responsible for all media production management services for more than 12 major media productions for worldwide clients including Toshiba, GM, Disney, VW, Mitsui and NASA. 
·       Instrumental in growing a 5-person film production company into an industry leading attraction design and production company.
·       Responsible for international sales valued at more than US$25 million.
·       Successfully developed new business opportunities and pursued new markets for the company’s services.
·       Developed corporate and project strategy plans
·       Developed and implemented company standards and procedures.
·       Set up and managed European branch office – BRC Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Concepts and Design Development Projects
·       Minion Park, Universal Studios Japan, Osaka, Japan
·       The Marvel Experience, North American Touring Attraction
·       Faith Is!? Attraction Concept, Virtual Artistry, San Jose, CA
·       Presidio Visitor Experience Heritage Center and Visitor Center
Presidio Trust, San Francisco, CA
·       Malaysia, Truly Asia Center, Cultural RD&E Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
·       Graceland Tour Museum, Memphis, Tennessee
·       Destination MGM, Entertainment Resort, Abu Dhabi, UAE
·       National WWII Museum, Theatrical Presentation, New Orleans, LA
·       Russian Jewish Museum, Moscow, Russia
·       MasterCard Signature Attractions, Universal Studios
·       Mythos Theme Park Concept, Athens, Greece
·       VW Gläserne Manufaktür, Dresden, Germany
·       Space Park Bremen, Bremen, Germany
·       Tokyo City Expo 96, Tokyo, Japan
·       Ocean Park Aquarium, Bremerhaven, Germany

 Show Producer – Attraction and Media Projects
·       Minion Park, Universal Studios Japan, Osaka, Japan
·       Despicable Me Minion Mayhem ride, Universal Studios Japan, Osaka, Japan

Production Management – Attraction and Media Projects
·       The Marvel Experience, North American Touring Attraction
·       VW Gläserne Manufaktür, Dresden, Germany
·       Space Center Houston, NASA’s Johnson Space Center, USA
·       Expo 96 Mitsui Toshiba Pavilion, Tokyo, Japan
·       Expo 96 World City Theme Pavilion, Tokyo, Japan
·       Expo 93 Korea Airlines Pavilion, Teajon, Korea
·       Expo 92 General Motors, Seville, Spain
·       Expo 90 Mitsui Toshiba Pavilion, Osaka Japan

Media Productions
·       “FlyVenture – Forces Nature” – Flying Theater Film,  Lotte World, Seoul South Korea. Opening Winter 2016
·       “Cosmitron Tour” – Flying Theater Film, Lotte World, Shenyang, China  Opening 2017 - 2018
·       Paramount’s “Magic of the Movies” – HD media elements
·       “Postcards” – 360 Film for Korean Airlines
·       “Worldsong” USA Pavilion – 70 mm film for USA Pavilion
·       “To Be An Astronaut” – Large format film for NASA
·       “On Human Destiny” – 70 mm  film for NASA
·       “Roboshow” – Holavision Show for Mitsui Toshiba Pavilion
·       “Flower Planet” – Large format film for Mitsui Toshiba Pavilion
·       Team Work and Technology – 240 monitor wall for GM
·       Back to Neverland – 35 mm film for Disney
·       Classic Disney – 35mm film for Disney
·       Rainbow Warrior – 70mm film for CP Corp Pavilion
·       Spirit Lodge – Holavision show for GM Pavilion
·       Our British Columbia – 3 screen 35mm film for BC Pavilion
·      Drivers Lab – Interactive Exhibit for Chicago Museum


·       Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – Member since 1992
·       Themed Entertainment Association 1990 to present; President – 2001 -2002
·       TiLE Conference Committee 1994 To 2001; Chairman - TiLE 1999
·       TEA Summit Founder and Moderator 2003 -2007
·       Thea Award Committee Member 2003 – 2011; Chairman – 2008
·       TEA Past Presidents Advisory Committee – 2009 to present.

Fluent in English, French, Polish, basic Spanish, with hotel fluency in German and Japanese.

·       Cine 1989, Cine 1990
·       Houston International Film Festival Grand Prize Short Films,
·       Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement 2003 - VW Glaserne Manufaktur, Dresden, Germany
·       Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement 2010 – Beyond All Boudaries, National WWII Museum, New Orleans, LA USA
·       Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement 2011 – Barnas Brannstasjon, Kongeparken, Stavanger, Norway